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Our Company:

  • Values quality service for your business above all else.

  • Gives every client the best guarantee out there – our promise. 

  • Is a proud leader in the area of customer service, with 24-hour support provided 7 days a week. In most cases, we are able to handle your questions over the phone, but in any situation in which you need our expertise on-site, we will be there within a matter of hours, not days.

Our Team:


Tim Stewart

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Tim Stewart and his wife, Tammie, started Stewart Water Solutions, Ltd. in January 1994 with Tim’s parents, Alfred and Johnnie Stewart.


Tim grew up working for Alfred, who ran a plant for Tip Top Poultry. His first job – which he still enjoys boasting about – was catching the stray chickens. Tim started at a very young age and experienced every job in the plant as he worked his way to the top. He and Alfred optimized the entire plant to bring in maximum income at minimal cost. They also recognized the need for clean wastewater treatment and put their heads together to come up with the system that SWS uses to this day. 


Tim has over three patents to his name in the area of wastewater treatment and processes, with more on the way. He enjoys the R&D side of the company – the work of coming up with new ideas and processes, many of which scholars have told him would not work, yet they cannot deny the patents!


Tim’s family is a priority to him. He and Tammie have two children, Chris and Natalie, both of whom work for the company; and a grandson they love spending time with as much as possible.


The Stewarts are members of Cartersville’s Church at Liberty Square.


Tammie Stewart

Chief Executive Officer and President

Tammie Stewart has been CEO and President of Stewart Water Solutions, Ltd. since March 5th of 2020. She and her husband, Tim, launched the company in 1994 with Tim’s parents, Alfred and Johnnie Stewart. Under their leadership the company continues to find ways to bring innovation and improvement to the wastewater treatment industry.  


Tammie worked at SWS for many years before going back to school to finish her degree in Secondary Mathematics Education. She then taught for five years in the public school system and two years in the private school realm. For two years, she served on the Math and Science Board for Kennesaw State University, where she learned many leadership and management skills. In 2008 she left teaching to return to work full-time with SWS.


Tammie and Tim have two children, Chris and Natalie. Chris is married to his lovely wife, Kelly, and they have a wonderful son, Kayson, who is the joy of his grandparents. Tammie enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her extended family. She and her family are members of the Church at Liberty Square in Cartersville.


Chris Stewart

Vice President of Operations

As the son of Stewart Water Solutions’ founders, Chris Stewart grew up in the business and absorbed the inside knowledge on which his father and grandfather built the company.


Chris’s professional career began in 2012, when he became a firearm salesman, learning the ways of selling merchandise to people who “wanted” rather than “needed” a product. In 2015 he became a Chef at a local restaurant, Louie’s Café, and worked his way up to Head Chef. In the latter part of that year, he transitioned to a maintenance position, where he honed his mechanical skills and know-how, and learned how to troubleshoot and repair machinery.


In 2017 Chris moved on to join his father at SWS, where he began rising through the company ranks to his current position. 


Chris’s family is extremely important to him. His wife, Kelly, is a nurse at a local hospital. The couple has a son, Kayson, who is just shy of one year old, although Chris says his clothing size implieshe’s closer to two.


The Stewarts are members of Cartersville’s Church of Liberty Square.


Natalie Stewart

Vice President of Finance

Natalie Stewart has been with the company since February 2019. Prior to that she held various jobs, from being a nanny to two wonderful children to serving as an assistant manager at Rue 21, where she scheduled employees, and handled finances and inventory management. 


Natalie is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in business while working full-time for SWS.  She brings many skills to SWS, including leadership, organization and management. She is the executive assistant to the CFO, as well as media coordinator and inventory management specialist.


Natalie enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends. She attends Freedom Church in Acworth, Georgia. Acquiring a “green thumb” is the latest challenge she is trying to conquer. One of her favorite pursuits is traveling with friends while always being open to new experiences. So far, her favorite destination is a little town she visited near the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula.

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